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robin electrical test equipment

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robin electrical test equipment

Robin Industry
Robin Industries was founded in 1895, the United States Milton division in France, specializing in the production process applied to a variety of mixer.
Robin first started in the marine industry applications, and its wealth of experience accumulated over the years and has long been in the mixer design / manufacturing for its outstanding performance to win the world as a mechanical design and hydraulic dynamics expert's reputation.
Robin has strong industrial research and development team, laboratory and test equipment devices so that we can act ahead of the same customers with more energy-saving and efficient thin film slurry mixer system. Robin industry, 75% of the business of international business, both for the countries of the world we have accumulated, regional customer service experience, our products also confirmed the international leading level, the national trust of users.
ISO 9001 Certification

Robin Industry Milton with all other divisions, like the production, its production, design, product testing and after sales service were IS09001 quality certification.
Robin mixer performance
Capacity: up to 710OM3 more volume devices
Pressure: up to the pressure vessel above 250BarG
Temperature: up to material temperature above 300  
Power: power products can provide more than 100OKW
Shaft length: up to 35 meters
Impeller diameter: up to 12 meters maximum
Material: all kinds of weight / viscosity of the organic or inorganic liquid, gas / liquid mixed phase or solid phase material.
Materials: blender, but a variety of machinable materials, metal materials, including carbon steel, 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel, Hastelloy, titanium and other metal surface can also increase rubber / plastic coating.
Seal: There are various types of seals to choose from, such as hydraulic seals, packing, single / double mechanical seal, nitrogen back pressure seal, sealing temperature circulation system.
Motor: all non-explosion proof, explosion-proof motor.
Installation: vertical (top, bottom), both horizontally.
Mixer Application Robin
A variety of petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, water treatment, metallurgy, fermentation, food and other industrial processes.
Robin type mixer
Standard Products
Standard products are available in the mixer, use a small mixing process, the maximum capacity for 70OM3 container.
Professional design products
Designed to meet a variety of professional mixer technology and processing power requirements.
Robin industry according to user requirements and process parameters used in various industrial process design and manufacture of large, medium and small mixer system.
Parameters and process requirements
Mixing tank parameters
Volume, diameter, straight edge height, baffle
Bottom of the tank forms: flat / disc / oval / conical
Depth of tank bottom
Tank top in the form: flat / disc / oval / conical
Depth of tank top
Mixer installation: Leung (open tank) / access edge height (closed tank)
Material composition
(For batch process, by feeding the order listed; on the continuous process, list%)
Material name / quantity / weight / viscosity / temperature
Process requirements
Describe the process of mixing the specific requirements of
Equipment Requirements
Installation Type: Top forward / side feed / bottom feed / static mixer
Design conditions: pressure / temperature / trim materials
Electrical: Voltage / frequency / phase
Totally enclosed fan cooled motor / explosion-proof motor
Explosion-proof grade:
Seal Requirements: packing seal / mechanical seals
Whether to allow the stability of bearings: Yes / No
Chinese extract the user list
Guixi phosphorus plant, Guixi aluminum fluoride, Liaoyang Chemical Fiber Factory, Hefei Chemical Plant, Shanxi CNNC, Yibin CNCCC, Vientiane CNCCC and so on.
Extract the list of international users
Bayer, BASF, Mobil Oil, British Petroleum, Shell, Atto Chemical, EXXON Oil, Nestle, Morocco, phosphate rock, Showa Denko, UCB and so on.
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