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how to convert celsius to fahrenheit

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S temperature scale (Fahrenheit temperature scale) symbol  
In 1714, Fahrenheit (Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit) Fahrenheit temperature scale developed, the temperature measured with a common standard, can be a different place, different time and the temperature were measured for comparison.
Farenheit had found the mercury barometer height varies with temperature, which prompted him to begin research on the mercury thermometer.
In 1714, he finally made the first glass mercury thermometer.
The thermometer scale is based on the earliest history of the text mark (Fahrenheit scale) to the division.
Initially, the Fahrenheit temperature scale used NH4Cl (ammonium chloride) and water temperature of the mixture of 0, and the people (his wife) the temperature was 96.
Since then, instead of ice water mixture is 32 (ie, freezing), while the temperature of boiling point of water 212, the middle is divided into 180 equal parts, each equal parts on behalf of a degree, this is the Fahrenheit temperature scale, using symbols   said.
Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature conversion type is:
Celsius temperature, the freezing temperature of 0 degrees Celsius, the boiling point of 100 degrees Celsius
The Fahrenheit temperature is set at the freezing point of 32 degrees Fahrenheit, the boiling point of 212 degrees Fahrenheit
So 1 degree Celsius is equal to 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit
Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature conversion type is:
5 (  - 32) = 9 ( )
Where   - Fahrenheit temperature,   - Celsius
Smaller than the degrees Fahrenheit. Is equal to one degree Fahrenheit 9 / 32 5 degrees Celsius values, the transitions between each other easily.
Will be converted into degrees Celsius, directly multiplied by 9, divide by 5, plus 32 of the line. For example, your temperature is 37 degrees Celsius. 37 times 9 equals 333. Divided by 5 equals 66.6. 32 plus 66.6 was 98.6, which is your body temperature a few degrees.
how to convert celsius to fahrenheit

Braun IRT4020 use, how to display the C MC-510 infrared ear thermometer ear mild axillary temperature distribution on the chart how the Fahrenheit temperature into Celsius?
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Hello! Braun ear thermometers can be achieved Celsius ( ) and Fahrenheit ( ) the conversion between the units, concrete steps are as follows
1. While holding down the 'I / O' button and 'start' button does not move, waiting to turn the screen display ' ''set'' ' When the display to the time when   let go for; measurement, press "start "button.
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How Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature conversion? Please answer the professional translation (the state)

If questions, please do not    me ah!

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Give you a professional Fahrenheit and Celsius temperature by Come on, see if you can make your sobering degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit set out how? Although the temperature scale of modern statistical mechanics and molecular kinetic energy was established between the temperature function, but currently difficult to measure directly the molecular kinetic energy within the object, which can only use certain properties of some substances (such as size, density, hardness, elastic modulus the amount of radiation intensity, etc.) the variation of temperature through the amount of indirect measurement of the temperature. Temperature value in order to ensure the accuracy and benefit delivery, need to establish a uniform standard to measure the temperature scale, which temperature scale. With the temperature measurement technology, temperature scale has also undergone a gradual development, and constantly revise and improve the evolutionary process. Some experience from the early establishment of the temperature scale, ideal for the later development of the thermodynamic temperature scale and the absolute gas temperature scale. High precision of the current use of the international practical temperature scale, during which time hundreds of years experience. 1. Experience temperature scale based on certain material volume expansion with temperature, with experimental methods or empirical formula to determine the temperature of the nominal temperature scale for the experience. (1) Fahrenheit temperature scale in 1714 German Falehaite (Fahrenheit) temperature of mercury as a medium, made of glass mercury thermometers, select a mixture of ammonium chloride and ice water temperature for the thermometer zero, the body temperature thermometer 100 degrees, the mercury thermometer from 0 to l00 degrees according to the volume expansion of mercury into the distance of 100 copies, each of 1 degree Fahrenheit, recorded as "1  ". In accordance with the Fahrenheit temperature scale, the freezing point of water is 32  , boiling point 212  . (2) Sweden 1740 Celsius temperature scale Celsius (Celsius) proposed in the standard atmospheric pressure, the freezing point of water defined as 0 degrees, the boiling point of water requirement of 100 degrees. Water temperature according to the two fixed points on the dividing glass mercury thermometer. Intercropping two equal portions 100, each referred to as 1 degree Celsius. Denoted by 1  . Celsius and Fahrenheit Temperature T   = 1.8t   32 where T - Fahrenheit temperature; t 2. Thermodynamic temperature scale in 1848 by the Kelvin (Ketvin) proposed by Carnot cycle (Carnot cycle) to establish the thermodynamic basis temperature scale, is not truly an ideal theoretical temperature scale, which is the International System of Units in one of seven basic physical units. The temperature scale in order to sub-degree Celsius temperature scale, and consistent with the ideal gas pressure corresponding to the temperature of zero - absolute zero (the experiment can not be achieved in the theory of temperature, a temperature lower than 0 K can not exist) and triple point temperature of water were divided into 273.16, each is 1 K (Kelvin). The unit of thermodynamic temperature "K". 3. Absolute gas temperature scale starting from the ideal gas equation of state to reproduce the thermodynamic temperature scale called the absolute gas temperature scale. By the Boyle's law: PV = RT where P - a certain quality of gas pressure; V - the volume of gas; R - universal constant; T - thermodynamic temperature. When the gas volume is constant (constant volume), its pressure is single-valued function of temperature. This makes it: T2/T1 = P2/P1 ratio between this and the Kelvin (Ketvin) proposed to determine the relationship between the ratio of the thermodynamic temperature of the subject entirely similar. So if the choice of the same fixed points (triple point of water) as reference point, the two will be exactly the same temperature scale in the numerical. Ideal gas is only a mathematical model does not actually exist, so the only real gas to produce gas with a thermometer. As with the gas thermometer measure the temperature, the number of amendments to its readings (such as real gas and ideal gas deviation correction, amendment to the expansion coefficient of the container, but also to be based on many high-precision, accurate measurement difficult; Therefore the direct use of gas thermometer to unify the international temperature scale, not only technically difficult, very complex, and operation is very complex, difficult; which science and technology workers in countries hard work and promotion, lead generation and established a protocol of the international practical temperature scale. international practical temperature scale and the international temperature scale by international agreements arising from the international practical temperature scale, and its guiding ideology is to it as much as possible close to the thermodynamic temperature scale, replicate precision is higher, and the use of the complex is temperature and the subject of the standard thermometer, making it easier, stable performance, the use of convenience, so that countries with very high accuracy can reproduce the temperature scale, ensuring the unity of the international temperature values. The first international temperature scale is measured in 1927 Seventh International Conference decided to adopt the international practical temperature scale. since 1948 , 1960,1968 on amended from time to form the country nearly 20 years of international practical temperature commonly used nominal (IPTS a 68). July 1989 the 77th International Measurement Committee approved the establishment of a new international temperature scale, referred to as ITS a 90. for and IPTS a 68 temperature scale to distinguish, with that ITS A 90 temperature scale. ITS A 90 basic elements: (1) that the international practical temperature scale units is still K, 1 K is equal to triple point of water when the temperature value 1/273.16; (2) the triple point of water when the temperature is defined as 0.01   (degrees Celsius), with a corresponding amendment to the absolute zero, -273.15  ; this international Celsius ( ) and the International Practical Temperature (K) in the practical application, as easy to write, usually directly represent and; (3) provides that the entire temperature scale is divided into four temperature zones, and its corresponding standard equipment is as follows;   0.65-5.0K, with the 3He and 4He vapor thermometer;   3 .0-24.5561 K, 3He and 4He with a constant volume gas thermometer;   13.803K-961.78  , with a platinum resistance thermometer;   961.78   or above, with optical or photoelectric pyrometer; (4) the provisions of 17 newly identified and fixed point temperature and the use of fixed point and according to the provisions of sub-degree interpolation formula standard instrument to achieve the thermodynamic temperature scale. calibration of the thermometer calibration, a standard value and standard tables of the Law in two ways. the standard value method is to use appropriate method to establish the definition of a series of international temperature scale fixed temperature points (constant) as the standard value, to be calibrated thermometer (or sensor) temperature in turn placed under these standards, records show the corresponding values under the thermometer (or the sensor output ), and in accordance with provisions of the international temperature scale on the thermometer interpolation formula (sensors) to compare records of the indexing to complete the calibration of thermometers; was set after the thermometer can be used as a standard thermometer to measure temperature. Another more general and common A calibration method is to be calibrated thermometer (sensor) has been calibrated with a higher level of accuracy of the thermometer (sensor), close together, put together an adjustable thermostat bath, the bath temperature were adjusted to The selected number of temperature points, compare and record both readings, access to a range corresponding to the difference, after repeated heating, cooling, repeat the test, if the difference between stability and put the record the difference as these are calibrated thermometer the correction, it becomes a calibrated thermometer being calibrated. around the world according to the provisions of the international temperature scale to establish their own national standards, and the relative ratio of regular and international standards to ensure the accuracy and reliability. save our national temperature standards in China National Institute of Metrology. provinces (municipalities and autonomous regions) city and county departments of temperature measurement standards on a regular basis on a standard lower compared with the (amended), calibration, whereby the transmission of the temperature standards to ensure accurate and uniform temperature standards.

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Simpler way to Celsius Celsius Fahrenheit temperature conversion temperature, freezing temperature of 0 degrees Celsius, the boiling point of 100 degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit the freezing point temperature as 32 degrees Fahrenheit, so the boiling point of 212 degrees Fahrenheit is equal to 1 degree Celsius temperature by 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit Fahrenheit conversion type is: 5 (F-50 º) = 9 (C-10 º) where the temperature F-F, C-Celsius

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It gives you a conversion formula, this formula well forget the temperature unit conversion Fahrenheit to Celsius temperature conversion formula F = (C   9 / 5) +32; C = (F-32)   5 / 9; where F - Fahrenheit, C - Celsius Celsius and Kelvin temperature (absolute temperature) of the conversion formula K = C +273.16; where K - Kelvin Temperature, C - Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature scale Rankine degree of conversion formula R = F +495.69; where R - Rankine temperature scale, F - Fahrenheit
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Haha, very simple, degrees Fahrenheit is multiplied by 3.1415926.

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I do not know your answers to this question and the translator have to do it or not . 1 C   = 33.8   Celsius over Fahrenheit Fahrenheit stingy, friends often see foreign films may be wondering, foreigners doctors fever patients frequently say more than 100 degrees, in fact, That is, it's Fahrenheit. Celsius 100 Fahrenheit   = 37.77777777  , the normal human body temperature is 37 degrees. This explanation does not understand you see!
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