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chocolate melting temperature

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chocolate melting temperature

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1st Floor Purpose: In addition to fun, but also to the nature of chocolate further study.
Experimental materials: water dispenser (with burning hot water bath), bowls (because there is no water bath, take this act), chopsticks (stirring, to heat evenly), clear plastic cups (you can heat about 100  ), a Shanghai plant production of "black chocolate", the close identification of the true taste of dark chocolate.
Experimental records: first bowl into the fountain out of the temperature to about ninety degrees of hot water, cool for a minute (fear of scorch the cup), while removed from the refrigerator temperature is about 5   chocolate, get the next piece ( 8g about weight, I do not have scales. Chocolate is very hard, I put on the table the whole edge of large, hand managed to knock down a small piece), check its hardness: use chopsticks poke, leaving no visible traces.
Then, the chocolate on the cup, a cup of hot water in the lower part immersed in "water bath." 2 and a half minutes, the chocolate surface drops. After 5 minutes, the chocolate over and found the surface soft, with chopsticks can Chuochu significant dent. After 10 minutes, cold water, chocolate little change, then replace the water and continue to heat, about 3 minutes after the chocolate completely soft, but still solid. And heat 5 minutes, stirring with chopsticks, found that chocolate has become a sticky liquid like things.
Stir with chopsticks, you can use melted chocolate out of "silk", the very interesting. Tasted the flavor is very good. If the same as the Italian way of eating, add a little wine, may be very fragrant.
The chocolate into the refrigerator freezer for 1 hour, then turned and melted before the same. Cut from one point into the hot milk, there were diamond-shaped chocolate-colored appearance of precipitation (like crystals). According to the chemical it someone (forget who) saying that this is the surface of calcium oxalate crystals stained with chocolate, I think it makes sense.
Conclusion: The non-chocolate, crystal, no melting point, but may have a general melting temperature. It is said that the temperature and the temperature should be close to do.
In addition, chocolate and milk into the character will change with, so do not eat together.
2006-12-10 15:59 reply
Chocolate is the main raw material for sensitive, if not careful when in solution, then also suffered damage. Usually done with hot water double boiler melt apparatus. Some workers also use the thermostat temperature control equipment melted chocolate. In any case, be careful to set the temperature of the water bath, melt dark chocolate, water bath temperature is 65   -76  , milk chocolate contains protein and lactose because of low temperature processing to be done, the water bath temperature must not exceed 49   -60  , melting, the melting of chocolate required to maintain a certain temperature, dark chocolate keep 43   -49  , milk chocolate kept 41   -43  . The temperature of the chocolate to melt a moderate and sealed in order to retain the original taste. Melting chocolate (MeltingofChocolate), the chocolate into pieces that can help quickly melted chocolate, but must use a clean, dry and meet the NSF (International Health Security Standard) requirements, and no smell of cutting board. Melting method can be summarized as three. Chopped chocolate melting pot method thermostat, the thermostat into the melting pot, heat the pot can be left in overnight, but . thermostat to maintain heating and melting pot melting method resisting law reference microwave melting method
2011/02/06 15:07 wilton chocolate pro? electric melting pot: kitchen & dining . there are no exact temperature controls on this model, no recipes, but the instructions .
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this could also allow pupils to explore the melting curves' for chocolate. by putting a temperature sensor in tube as it cools, the chocolate can .
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both are chocolate - the difference is the type of lipid (fat) or oil used in the . proper melting is done slowly at low temperatures as chocolate is extremely sensitive to .
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the melting temperature of the chocolate will vary depending on the . if you used dark chocolate, the temperature should be between 85 and 90 degrees.
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cocoa butter provides to the chocolate the much-appreciated characteristics such as crunchiness at room temperature, sharp melting behaviour, high .
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chocolate is made from the beans of the cocoa tree. the swedish botanist linnaeus named . however, when melting chocolate, be sure to keep its temperature under 120°f (49°c) .
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chocolate - overview -
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melting is important for the mouthfeel and taste of the chocolate. fats melt over a temperature range and so at any temperature below the melting point the fat is partly in .
2011/04/19 19:59 : what determines the melting point of chocolate?
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if chocolate is in temper, it does not have to be heated to an exact temperature when melting. if melting the chocolate in a microwave oven, remove the bowl form .
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techniques that include melting and casting' liquid chocolate into moulds as well as . extrusion of chocolate below its peak melting temperature and .
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you'll soon have no problem whipping up your favorite dessert recipe or chocolate recipe. if during the melting process the chocolate product begins to tighten or become .
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hershey's kitchens: baking hints & tips: baking tips from .
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for those of you with a scientific inclination, here's a table comparing their melting temperatures for milk chocolate (note: semisweet and dark .
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a lesson plans page lesson plan, lesson idea, thematic unit, or activity in science and science called melting chocolate.
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melting chocolate is easy to do whether it is on the stove in a double boiler, in the microwave, or in the oven. there are basically two important rules when it comes to .
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what type of spoon should be used when melting chocolate?
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specialist agents for chocolate machinery moulds and equipment. fudge & caramel cookers . your chocolate supplier will give you the ideal melting temperature (mt) and ideal .
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the vantage house guide to tempering chocolate
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learn how to melt chocolate perfectly in this quick tip. tips for melting chocolate.
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c restricted the temperature range of experimentation to between 0 . melting point" linked the cold extrusion properties of polyethylene and chocolate.
2011/08/31 08:33
melting chocolate
2011/09/03 07:18
when using a melter/warmer, it's absolutely necessary to utilize a chocolate thermometer for temperature accuracy, and you must stir the chocolate. when using a .
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chocolate melters and warmers
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the melting point of chocolate is critical for the correct taste. the chocolate melting (enthalpy of fusion), and this peak moves to lower temperatures as .
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melting chocolate is essential for many candy recipes. here you will learn different methods for melting chocolate successfully.
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do not remove the pan from heat; keep it at melting temperature and continue stirring until the cream is completely mixed with the chocolate. 7 .
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how to make chocolate truffles: 10 steps (with video) - wikihow
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chocolate tempering - rather than buying valentines day candy, how about melting chocolate this year for your valentines day candy? .
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melting chocolate for valentines day candy
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learn how to melt chocolate, how to temper choocolate, guidelines for melting chocolate . chocolate is tempered when its temperature is between 84° and 88°f (29° and 31°c) .
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chocolate, how to melt chocolate, how to temper choocolate .
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tips, tricks and best methods for melting or tempering chocolate using a microwave, a double boiler or temperer.
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melting chocolate with a microwave, double boiler, or .
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melting and tempering is done at certain temperatures, as measured with a chocolate . use a chocolate thermometer to help you keep track of its temperature right .
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baking 911: melting and tempering
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candy help helps in confectionery chocolate biscuits ice cream coffee bakery sugar confectionery . once melting temperature is reached throughout the mass, the .
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melting chocolate to use as a baking ingredient for candy work or decoration requires gentle heat. the temperature of the chocolate will continue to rise even after it .
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tips for melting chocolate from chocolatier magazine
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2 for the melting point tests it is easiest if the chocolate is already broken . the temperature and shearing have to be very carefully controlled or the chocolate ends .
2011/11/29 11:16
chocolate and structure - experiments - practical chemistry
2011/12/02 01:29
it took forever to warm up, never mind melting the chocolate. there are no exact temperature controls on this model, no recipes, but the instructions .
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wilton chocolate pro? electric melting pot
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nipples of venus recipe - confections from the user contributed recipes exchange collection . chocolate can be maintained at a constant temperature by putting a .
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nipples of venus recipe
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does not need to be tempered couverture chocolate : follow the temperature graph. melting : . keep at melting temperature if the product is not to be used straight away.
2012/01/25 04:53
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