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astrology compatibility chart

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Sagittarius (astrology) Sagittarius zodiac sign
Striker date of birth (tropical)
November 22 - 12 of 21 born date (stars)
12 16 - January 13 Constellation
Sagittarius Zodiac Element
Fire Zodiac Quality
Variable residence
Jupiter injury
Mercury excited
South end fall
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Sagittarius is the sign of nine astrology zodiac originated in the constellation Sagittarius. In western astrology signs and constellations are no longer arranged as precession. Sagittarius classified as a positive or male, extraversion signs; it's element is fire and its quality is variable. [1] Sagittarius is ruled by the planet Jupiter.
Born individuals, when the sun is in Sagittarius the sign is considered an individual. Under the tropical zodiac in less sun in Sagittarius from November 22 December 21. [2] under the stars in the zodiac it is currently there roughly from December 16 January 14. The content of a myth
2 symbology
3 Association of astrology quality and characteristics of 3.1 associated
3.2 likes and dislikes
3.3 The physical characteristics of the 4 Compatibility
5 letters
6 References
7 External links
See Myth: Sagittarius (constellation) # Mythology
In mythology Sagittarius often linked with either a Satyr or a name riders (in the latter case often riders Chiron taught and tutored various heroes in Greek mythology). In Greek mythology, the name of the rider is adventurous, brave and wise, but they also were given a quarrel and uncivilized behavior. Sagittarius is also linked with the Greek god Zeus and the Greek goddess Tyche, and sometimes god Thor tie lines. [Citation needed]
Sagittarius astrology sign has a double meaning to. First and most common is that a bow and arrow. Seconds and less known is that the burden of cross held the arrow represents the struggle faced Sagittarius. [Citation needed]
Astrology Association of Quality and
Sagittarius is ruled by the planet Jupiter is not only one of the most important gods in Roman mythology (ruler of heaven aspects), but also symbols of good luck astrology planet.
As a sign of the zodiac nine, Sagittarius Astrology 9 with a house linked to the situation with the natural Sagittarius - foreign travel and foreign and cultural, religious, legal and higher education, all the things associated with seeking to expand one.'s Experience, freedom, journey.
Characteristics associated
Astronomers are broadly agree with the following characteristics associated with Sagittarius: intelligent conversation by  
Free love / free spirited  
Idealism / believe   [5]
Ethics   [5]
Smart / intellectual   [5]
Positive / optimistic  
Honest / sincere  
Aggressive / ambitious   [5]
Adventure   [5]
Generous   [5]
Likes and dislikes properties of the perfect career
The perfect career for the Sagitarians including teaching,   law,   Theology and Religion,   political,  , public relations or advertising, [3] [ 4] Any related travel,   Science and Research. [4] like
Travel [4] and adventure, honesty, justice and the law, [4] freedom, [4] mean, [4], intellectual compatibility, adventure, waving, and Community. Dislike
Practices and errands, to be repressed, [4] to be tied down, [4] was forced to do things, is suspected, must explain himself, was forced to make promises, disturbed by the small details. [4]
Physical Characteristics
Many astronomers believe that each of the zodiac signs has identifying physical characteristics. Fully take into account that some of the people were under the burden of the Sagittarius sign usually have a large and well shaped skull, high, broad forehead, a small, slim and qualified plans. They stand high and walk high as riders. They have a tendency to bending or lazy, as if the grass is grass. Sagittarius governance buttocks, thighs and sacral area; some astronomers Sagittarians tend to suffer from the hips and thighs is seen as vulnerable to disease and sciatica and rheumatism. [6]
Sagittarius widely considered to be compatible with same element signs, Aries and Leo.  
There in astrology to determine compatibility within the sun, such as date of birth, the birth of Yue, was born in a sign, position, moon, stars and so many variables. Flag is listed as compatible with Sagittarius do not reflect a single form or a separate school if interpreted within astrology, but rather reflected the compatibility of the general guidelines and reference materials as dictated by the variable elements such as quality and within the ecliptic band. [9] professional astronomers rarely boil compatibility down to the sun signs. Branch in dealing with interpersonal aspects of the compatibility of astrology called Synastry. [10]
The following are the League and the sign of Sagittarius: Association Birthstones [11]
Topaz (General)
November: citrine
December: Turquoise • Zircon • blue topaz stones
Topaz [3] Colors
Purple [3] [12] • light blue [12] Metal
Tin [3] [12] body parts
Hip [3] [13] • thigh [3] [13] days
Thursday countries
Mediterranean climate: Spain [3] [13] [14] • Australia [3] [13] [14] • South Africa [3] [14] • Portugal [3] • Mexico [13] • Arabian Peninsula [13] [14 ] Indian language equivalent of Sagittarius is Dhanus. [Citation needed] the corresponding month in the Babylonian calendar is Arax Kislimu to Nergal. [Citation needed] Chinese equivalent of that is versatile, opportunistic rat lunar month of 12 January 7 - January 5. [15]
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